My Family

My name is Anne Dix ~ and Welcome to my Blog!

My family and I were born and raised in Southern Africa where my parents and my brother and his family continued to live on our farm in Zimbabwe.  This farm supported hundreds of people and thousands of acres of productive land with cattle, crops, horses, schools, a clinic and a store.  We lost this farm to the Zimbabwe “land grab” in 2003…

This was followed by a full on exodus of Zimbabweans escaping chaos and financial free-fall at home – to build better lives for ourselves and our children across the globe, including our family. We are now spread as far afield as South Africa, Scotland, Canada, including farming projects in Nigeria, Botswana and Zambia.

Before the inevitable diaspora, my husband and I had 20 great years under the sun with our two young sons in Zimbabwe.  We then immigrated overseas and settled in the cooler and more stable north-west in BC, Canada. Even though we miss Africa, we do love and appreciate the Canadian lifestyle and have finally settled in this beautiful country.

Since then my sons have enjoyed studying at a local secondary school, followed by University in Quebec and BC. We are grateful they have had a chance to integrate into Canadian society from such a young age, and stand to build a firm foundation for their futures here as citizens of a democratic society where freedom of speech, and human rights are valued, unlike the country we used to call home.

My husband and I both attended University in South Africa for four years.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and post-graduate Higher Diploma in Library and Information Science; and gained valuable experience working in Research/College libraries and as a Database Administrator for Patrick Mavros Inc. (Africa’s Finest Silver).

On immigration to Canada, I worked in Administrative Support downtown Vancouver, and now part-time for my husband’s new business developing financial software systems for horticultural export companies.  I am a regular “baby boomer” mum, with a passion for my family, travel, yoga, books in our many excellent libraries, sketching, writing and visits from friends overseas!

I love to travel ~ especially if it takes me across the world to visit far flung family and friends in the UK,  South Africa, Zimbabwe, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. There are also many, many unexplored places I would love to explore more with my family this side of the equator – notably Hawaii, Bermuda and closer to home, the Rockies and the Arctic!

Life on the West Coast is fantastic with the great Canadian outdoors just a step outside our homes, beaches a short drive away, trips on the Ferry to Vancouver Island, alongside pods of Killer Whales – if you’re lucky enough to see them – not much further! The changing seasons are still a source of fascination for me with new sights, sounds, sports and scenery.

I may miss my family the other side of the Atlantic, but I’m not complaining; how could I? This is Beautiful British Columbia…