Mwende “Loved One” Baby Elephant Born at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya!

This is one wildlife organization that captured my heart from the moment I read about them… the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Now they have a new addition to the family with the birth of little “Mwende” to Mulika who was orphaned as a baby when 7 months old.  She always took an interest in caring and looking out for the other young orphans introduced to the orphanage, and was later released into the ‘wild’ herd.  Obviously she met the ‘bull’ of her dreams, and this is the result!

Read more about Mulika and Mwende and how Diane Sheldrick made little elephant lives like this possible when she and her staff turned her late husband’s dreams into reality…

The story of ‘Schmetty’ (Aisha) is particularly heartwarming as she was the first elephant orphan to drink the magical coconut milk enhanced formula that has since helped countless baby elephant orphans thrive and survive. Sadly she died of a broken heart and this insight into the ‘family’ psyche of elehants helped pave the way for the survival of all the other orphans who were saved by this family and their keepers in Tsavo, Kenya!

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