Volunteers ~ Summer Sun Shines on in Southern Africa

Get a taste for volunteering in Southern Africa! I was fortunate enough to spend 4 months there this year visiting family and absolutely loved having the sun on my back most days in winter on the African continent.  Those who volunteer will not be disappointed, by either the weather or the warm people they meet!  Here’s one organization which offers Volunteers a unique

African Conservation Experience

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre!

Find out more about becoming a Conservation Volunteer at: http://www.conservationafrica.net/gallery

If you like to blend your Volunteering with beautiful beaches and local communities try a horse-riding volunteer experience on the Eastern coast of Southern Africa with the Mozambique Horse Safari.

The Retzlaff family will give you a close up and personal holiday experience volunteering with their stable both on the mainland at Nyasoro and on Benguerra Island.  Fabulous unspoilt beaches, local villages and people will give you an experience you will never forget.  This local safari know exactly what it takes to survive on the edge of paradise here, often through heart break. But they have the strength and vision to keep what they love moving forward, so find out more about how you can benefit those you touch and not just yourself on this unique volunteer safari in the clear turquoise waters and over the pristine white sands of Mozambique.  Many volunteers swear by this particular Volunteer vacation…

IT’S TRUE ~ volunteering in Africa brings you that much closer to experiencing the reality beyond tourism.  Moving a little further west inland to Zimbabwe, Zambia and back down in South Africa – travel full circle with African Impact!  This organization has over 5 years experience in organizing “responsible volunteering” in Southern and East Africa. They are specialists in hands on volunteer projects and volunteering with them could have you working with lions at their African Lion Rehabilitation project in Zimbabwe, or teaching children in Cape Town or AIDS work in Mozambique… the choice is yours and you’ll find out more on their website by clicking on this picture below!

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1 Response to Volunteers ~ Summer Sun Shines on in Southern Africa

  1. jonas says:

    I’m hoping that more volunteers will register. Lets fight environmental issues we are facing right now.

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