Down South and Easy… East of Eden on the African Coast

Eco-Safaris in Paradise…

Beaches on the East Coast of Africa are endless, with stretches of hot sand, lapped by the warm, turquoise, green, indigo blue waters of the Indian Ocean; the colours of the sea changing in relation to the topography of the seabed and how deep it is below.

The shallower waters – like those close to the Islands on the Bazaruto Archipelago shoreline above – turn an aquamarine turquoise; especially exquisite above the coral reefs and pristine sandy white ocean floor.  At low tide these beaches bake under an African sun where the sand is so hot, clean and fine that your feet burn and the sand squeaks as you walk…

However, the silent cloud of pollution is sometimes evident, even here in and around Bazaruto Island… as my family and I discovered when we visited for an unforgettable holiday a few years back.  Washed in from the populated Mozambican mainland a few kilometres to the west, as the tides roll in and out, the inevitable plastic bag, coke bottle and tins wash up unwelcome and entwined with the natural debris of the sea, like seaweed, sticks and grass.

This is just the beginning – I look forward to exploring how many communities are trying to counter this, build awareness and help preserve the hidden treasures in this undiscovered corner of Paradise. (To be cont…)

About Anne Dix

Virtual Admin Assistant and Independent Scentsy Consultant... love my family, friends, travel, health, wildlife conservation, africa, online writing, gardening & pets!
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