Down South and Easy… Travel in Cancun, Mexico!

This week, take a look at why people love Mexico & Cancun and how Travel Clubs can make it easy for you!

There are many family inspired Travel Clubs with amazing resort pricing in Mexico! In fact, members have access to 1,000s of weeks in popular resort destination condos, villas, suites & cottages around the world at better than wholesale pricing! With a Travel Club you can save up to 70% on your very next holiday…

I grew up in a Timeshare family… for decades we enjoyed vacation weeks in South Africa where we frequented the golden sands at Umhlanga Rocks, north of Durban. However, even though my family thought we had a good deal at the time, it cost my parents a considerable sum to invest in, and the annual levies and maintenance fees made it a regular expense, whether we used our Timeshare weeks or not.

COMPARE that scenario to the unlimited accommodation week prices we have available as Travel Club members.  To get an idea of how a Travel Club membership can give you access to the exact, same resort weeks other families have spent tens of thousands of dollars to own, let’s visit “Balansera” and their Travel Weeks by clicking Public Access below ~ this is where the golden savings are 🙂

Search by:   * Destination   * Month    * Year


This is L I V E inventory, so the longer it takes to load, the better.  That means their Travel Partners are loading a LOT of choices for you to see… New accommodations are added constantly, with the majority in North America which is great if you want to travel to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada or the hundreds of fabulous destinations inside the US!

MEMBERS can book up to a year in advance, AND within 48 hours of joining!  When you see something you like they urge you to compare prices on the web (or call the resort direct), especially in Mexico!  Imagine 6-8 people sharing a 3-bed luxury suite for as little as $299 and never more than $950 🙂 Believe it? We do, and they are available 52 weeks of the year.

As you can see Travel WEEKS are an intelligent way to save on family travel accommodation! Read the customer reviews & testimonials, and just imagine… what you could do and where you could go with the money you save?

OUR Family have saved hundreds using our Travel Club memberships to book luxury resorts around British Columbia and international air fare to Africa. The inventory is wonderful, even showcasing those very same popular resorts we owned with our Timeshares in South Africa. Now we can enjoy them at a fraction of the price.

If you live in North America – Mexico is THE place to make the most of Travel Club savings.  They have so many resorts – something for everyone’s taste, and you will literally save $1,000s on your very first stay!

Next weeks… Safari in Africa!

About Anne Dix

Virtual Admin Assistant and Independent Scentsy Consultant... love my family, friends, travel, health, wildlife conservation, africa, online writing, gardening & pets!
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