African Beaches, Adventure and Mozambique Horse Safaris!

Do you and your family want to experience the “Spirit of Fun and Adventure” you’re looking for on your next trip to Africa? This is one increasingly popular travel destination where you can enjoy just that – on a Mozambique Horse Safari!

Turn your speakers up for the initial introduction, then settle back and enjoy a peek into paradise!

On your next vacation to Southern Africa do something “different” – try and get to Vilanculos, Mozambique! Here you will find some of the best “unspoiled” beaches in the world (especially on Bazaruto and Benguerra Island) – with luxury resorts that melt into the surrounding landscape and horse safaris that cater to your every wish for an awesome family holiday, romantic getaway or adventure vacation “extra-ordinaire”!!  Mozambique is a world away from the busy, cell phone driven, first world techno frenzy a lot of us live in. Here in this special, beautiful, little known, island archipelago of Africa TIME is unlimited.

My husband is a fisherman and has taken our family on some of the most awesome holidays in Mozambique. There is an initial mind-warp; I will not deny my own shock at how backward the country was on our first visit… and my family will testify to that 😉 However, I soon learned, that those of us who thought we were suffering with a 3rd world infrastructure elsewhere in Africa, soon discovered here that we were not so badly off!  Yet, and this is the SECRET in Mozambique, despite the obvious lack in overall regional infrastructure, you come away so much richer for it; and never quite feel the same again…

Here, on Mozambican beaches in the Bazaruto Archipelago, you learn to appreciate the simple things that people enjoy for free. Beaches, so exquisite that the fine, white sand “squeaks” when you walk on it, sea waters abounding in sea-life that tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted when cooked that evening on a BBQ under the stars, sunshine, sand and waves while trying to windsurf with laughter, lying under palms blowing wind in your hair!

If you have the luxury to add to this with a Mozambique Horse Safari, you will experience so much more with like-minded people who have been here for years to share this with you.  For those who love horses and riding on beaches, this has to be one of the best experiences in the world…  They also offer rides on Bazaruto Island where Volunteers are often also needed to help care for those horses which are owned by the Bazaruto Island Lodge. This is a “wonderful experience on an idyllic island” (Mandy Retzlaff)

Bazaruto Island Beaches

Those who enjoy snorkeling with guides over coral reefs or deep sea scuba diving, are also in for a treat; as we were, when we spent a memorable family holiday some time back, on Bazarutto Island. Early each morning (up with the sun & long before breakfast), we would set off by Land-rover for a protected beach on the island and don our gear before wading into the sea.

This was entry into another world… not ours – we were visitors to this one, drifting in a myriad shades of blue, ethereal and incredibly beautiful!  A completely different world; precious, unique and deserving of man’s protection and care.  We were swimming in a protected area surrounded by larger reefs where the waves pounded not far away.  Our guides reminded us constantly not to stand on coral, and never to litter… rightly so!

... Dreaming!

Soon we were feasting our eyes on a kaleidoscope of sea-life, including lovely pink & turquoise “parrot” fish crunching on coral, long before our own stomachs got hungry!  Those of us who braved holding our breath and diving deeper were fortunate enough to spot the odd leopard eel lying in their “cleaning” stations, hidden deep amongst the rocks on the sea-bed.

By the time we had dried off on the bumpy, open air ride back to the Lodge, our appetites were fully focused on the thought of breakfast… However, despite the fact that we now looked forward to appeasing our grumbling stomachs – our hearts were still out there, amidst the sea sand, salt on our skin and sun in our hair ;)

If you enjoy deep sea diving, the footage on this video from the Mozambican Horse Safari website is so typical of what you see when you’re on a boat in these waters… and underneath the waves.

Mandy and Pat Retzlaff have an amazing story to tell – I hope you can visit the Bazaruto Archipelago and Mozambique Horse Safari one day and hear it from them, for yourselves!  It’s been a while since we were all young university student friends together in the late ’70s, but we have nothing but admiration for what they have done for these horses, their family and the countless people they’ve touched through their horse safaris and Volunteer Programme.

This special place, on the beaches of Mozambique, gives you plenty of “time” to:

  • lose your watch 😉 AND
  • ride in the sea,
  • ride on the beach
  • ride on the sand dunes
  • ride on the cliffs above the sea
  • enjoy and care for deeply loved horses,
  • unwind on pristine beaches,
  • snorkel in unpolluted waters,
  • deep sea dive with dolphins,
  • fish with the best – both local & international fishermen,
  • swim and feel the sun and water on your skin,
  • feast your eyes on sunrises and sunsets that render you speechless,
  • taste freshly caught seafood, and
  • enjoy daily the warmhearted, fun-loving and smiling people that help build unforgettable memories on that Holiday of a Lifetime

Priceless – I’m sure you’ll agree that this is enough for ANYONE to enjoy their next seaside adventure in Africa!

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  1. Rachel Hall says:

    This looks like a wonderful place to relax and unwind in an unspoilt
    area, untouched by the usual modern holiday trappings.

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