Are Travel Clubs the Solution for Your Family Vacation This Year?

How would you like to spend a family vacation – or two – at exquisite beach, golf, mountain and family resorts around the world, this year?  If you are not sure how to book that surreal vacation package, without stretching an already overloaded budget, see where this trend is pointing!

While some families are cashing in on the downturn in the once popular Timeshare industry to invest in luxury weeks that once cost between $16,000 – $20,000, (e.g. these can now be found online for re-sale at prices as little as $2,500 for a 2-bedroom suite in Cabo San Lucas) one is still faced with an expensive annual fee, often in the region of $890/year.

Others – and you may be one of them – are not happy to throw away their hard earned savings. Those of us who own our own homes, are already juggling with ever increasing maintenance costs and mortgages… Hence, the hesitation to add to our current annual expenditure with more maintenance costs and annual levies which accompany the purchase of that tempting Timeshare week and entry into that exclusive Destination Club.

Smart thinking, especially when you consider some sport a hefty price tag of $70,000, before the annual fees. If you search online you will discover that this is, thankfully, not the only way to enjoy a family holiday in Hawaii or take cruise vacations in Mexico.  Quality inclusive vacations can be found elsewhere today.

Safari in Africa

Many families are now looking at the benefits of enjoying inclusive vacations as “Travel Club” members. This is not hard to understand, when you see how much money families can save on their exclusive, discounted vacation deals. Imagine flying to Africa and spending a few day’s Safari in Kenya… while you and your family enjoy a week at a quality beach resort for just $299!

Or, a little closer to home for some…

Imagine treating yourself, your family and your grand-children to that dream Vacation in Hawaii. No black out dates, mean you have the ability to book whenever and wherever you want, even during peak travel periods where luxury beach-front accommodations sleeping 8 will cost no more than $950 for the week in total (not per night as you would pay if renting a whole house)

This is something more and more savvy Holiday and Travel Club members choose to enjoy! Without exhausting family savings, they benefit from the huge leverage Travel Clubs use to make bulk bookings at luxury resorts, condos, suites, villas and cottages around the world. These are then made available to Travel Club Members, at a huge discount – often up to 70% if you find the right Club!

The travel industry rely on these residual bookings to keep their rooms full and the wheels turning in a Trillion dollar industry worldwide! You also benefit – as you and your family save on your flights, accommodation and activities which is why Travel Clubs are more than attractive to a lot of people out there.

Villa on the Mexican Riviera

Those members who have switched from “owning’ timeshare now have the additional benefit of no more annual levies, fees and restrictions on the number of weeks or locations they visit each year.  A lot of travel clubs give members the option to travel 52 weeks of the year; and the chance to book your vacation up to a year ahead.  What an opportunity, especially when you’re retired and have the time and resources to go travel the four corners of the world!

Luxury Room on the Mexican Riviera

There are many travel clubs out there, and most also have contracts with numerous popular travel providers (including major Cruise Lines, Car Hire & Flight Providers, e.g. Fare Buzz).  This all adds up to a premium Travel Club of huge value.

Services often include: a) premium pricing on accommodation weeks at luxury resorts, b) discovery tours worldwide at unheard of prices, c) cash back on all bookings (including cruises, excluding flights) made through your personal online travel portal, and d) a personal travel assistant.

Not many people would turn down the above possibilities… It sure is an attractive incentive for families to visit the beaches and golf courses of the world, this year and every year. Even non-members who book through your site, hoping to escape the gloomy northern winters, can enjoy some of the discounted pricing available.

Many families today agree that Travel clubs are a refreshing and attractive way to make their money go further! There is no need to compromise on the quality of vacations you enjoy, when you take your next holiday.  In fact, the world may just feel a better place, when you decide to join the Travel Club of your choice!

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