Downtown During the Olympics – Great Highlight for 2010!

One special day, when my youngest son, Ryan, and I decided to go check out the buzz downtown during the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in February, 2010!

It was the first time I had traveled on the new Canada Line – which was awesome, so new, and clean and fast. In no time we were down by the Waterfront in Vancouver…

The Waterfront Station is an amazing destination to arrive in Vancouver…  that magnificent old Railway Station building at the bottom of Howe Street is a work of art – history with it’s old colonial style architecture and lofty ceilings.  Stepping out and into a city I thought I knew, but this felt different – very different.  The buildings had been turned into huge symbols – supporting Canada, the Athletes, the Spirit of the Games!

Something was up… or was it just the sunshine – which shone most days in BC. Not common for the MIDDLE of February. In fact – very bizarre, but not many were complaining… even the athletes who had to compromise for more challenging surfaces!

Everywhere we went people were in a good mood, and we found ourselves “drifting along” with the crowd, until we found the Olympic Flame burning bright from the Cauldren further down the waterfront near the Vancouver Convention Centre.  What a difference… I used to work nearby years ago, and could not believe the changes.  The new Convention Centre was now complete (no more pounding from the pylons being hammered into the ground). Vancouver was certainly looking beautiful and the fountains Ryan showed me were pretty spectacular too.

Well, that set the tone for the day and without any set plan, we walked through the city, enjoyed lunch alongside tourists and athletes (those tall guys with the Russia kit on HAD to be from the Ice Hockey team, right?) and found ourselves in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. There we saw the Countdown clock erected so many years ago when it was still set in years, months, days, hours and seconds.  Something I used to check on returning from work in the evenings…

Kudos to John Furlong and his team of Volunteers ~ all that planning and organizing to produce this phenomenal Olympic experience  Behind the Art Gallery we discovered the Media fun and games taking place in Robson Square. Enthusiastic announcements and music pumping from huge loudspeakers, while commentary hailed loud and clear from TV and Radio stations while scaffolding supported those brave enough to go hurtling through the skies from one tower to another – while crowds below voiced encouragement! One big party in pure sunshine…

The Robson Square Ice Rink was an attraction too and we had a chance to admire the exquisite blue rink along with other visitors and tourists.  Although we weren’t to see any performances by the stars of the day, imagining the moves as seen by millions thanks to the stunning CTV and TSN footage of the Figure Skating, was not difficult.  I could just imagine how thrilling it would be to actually watch something like an exciting Ice Dance routine..

Well, Leonardo was calling from inside the gallery, but unfortunately the crowds had beat me to seeing his Anatomy sketches on exhibition, so I put that expectation aside for another day… and we headed off to Yaletown Roundhouse by skytrain to connect with my eldest son, Matt who had just finished work …

The day ended well, on discovery of the one of the cosiest, coffee shops with excellent service across the road… despite the festivities on the street, it was calm and full of the right coffee and food enticing aromas – somewhere I could quite easily spend a few hours with family and friends chatting and enjoying each others company without feeling pressurized to vacate – “Chez Cafe” the perfect place to end a perfect day!

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