Wilderness on the Garden Route, South Africa’s Best Beaches!

Resorts Like These On Beaches Like This Are What Memories Are Made Of!


The World Cup is over in South Africa but many families will continue to make the most of a Travel Club membership to either escape the crowds in their own hometown during the summer, or to enjoy an extra week at the beach thousands of miles away overseas…   Memorable holidays are always a good excuse to “Jabulani!” together and celebrate life at beautiful resorts and destinations worldwide.  That’s why this membership was created and it’s so easy to explore.

If this tweaks your beak, just take a look at the huge selection some Travel Club Members enjoy in quality Travel inventory worldwide.  These are real time inventory listings and change from day to day.  If you need time to decide, you can reserve a resort week (On Hold) for 24 hours, get back to friends and family to confirm, and then book.  The pop-up description gives you more information about the resort, including the Contact information and physical address, weather, facilities – everything you need to know – so you can call them direct to find out more.  I like to look online at the resort website, especially my favorite resorts in Umhlanga Rocks, north of Durban.  It’s just one more way to see the savings our members enjoy…

Our family owned a Timeshare on the popular Natal coast beaches north of Durban, for years! Growing up, we enjoyed multiple week holidays as children and students which were heaven on earth…  Now, my family is spread world wide, but booking our accommodations through a Travel Club we can enjoy the same luxury, without the expense and fees attached to owning Timeshare.  For just a few hundred dollars we are set to enjoy a lifetime of memories on vacations and holidays which are sometimes up to 70% discount… certainly worth it for us.

The above resort is situated above one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in my eyes… at Wilderness in the Cape Province, South Africa!  On a visit to SA a few years back, I hired a car to visit family and drove from George to Plettenberg Bay, in the Cape Province. I remember stopping to look back out over these dunes with an incredible vista of the sea and waves rolling in below – it was stunning!

Wilderness is best known for the tranquil Indian Ocean and stunning beaches which stretch on forever.

Over time it has become an internationally sought after holiday resort. On visiting Wilderness, you will find yourself surrounded by rivers, lakes and lagoons, which makes it a great spot for the water sport enthusiasts, who frequent it.

The 2500 hectares of National Park include five rivers, five lakes, two estuaries and 18 kilometers of coastline. Wilderness sports many types of wildlife, in particular birds. Many types of water birds breed here and this makes it ideal for bird-watchers. Recreation activities also include hiking, dolphin and whale-watching, hang-gliding, paragliding, horse riding, mountain-biking, scenic drives, Wilderness Lakes Art Route, day tours, ferry cruises, angling, boating and other water sports.

Wilderness is also home to skilled craftsmen and women in the area. Their work is often for sale and tourists can pick up many bargains at craft markets held each month. This and many other interesting aspects of the town add to a wonderful rustic charm.

A destination well worth a visit by any tourist on the Garden Route; it truly is a place of timeless beauty!  Find out how you and/or your family could stay at resorts, condos, villas, cottages in places like this on your next trip.

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