Who’s Dreaming of Sandy Beaches and a Sea Breeze This Summer?

You’ve heard it all before, we love to “DREAM” about… where we want to go on holiday next summer, what new car we want to drive, where we want to live… in that hazy ‘Never, Never Land’ of the future?

“Just imagine” that dream vacation, financial freedom, your own business, time to spend multiple weeks away on holiday with the family, go on safari in Africa or volunteer in exotic corners of the world with fewer skyscrapers and more people who actually need you; well we all love to dream, right?   But, how many of us act on them…  It’s OK to dream, but don’t you dare believe it (says the little voice in our heads…)

Unfortunately, the recession has helped cast a shadow over those clear blue skies and conditioned us to accept the worst, believe the worst, and expect the worst… when in fact, all it takes, is one – just ONE – small, but significant shift in our mind to make that first, important choice; and just one, small, but significant choice is all we need to propel us towards motivating action that starts to build our new reality.

Do not underestimate the power of one single choice. We make choices that determine the outcome in our lives each and every day… some of which we are totally unaware. Voices in our heads, which so often go unchecked, align us with what we are familiar with; protecting us from the unknown, from pushing ourselves beyond what we are comfortable with. That way we accept our lot, we do not expect more, we allow outside forces and circumstances to dictate our reality.

Those who DARE to dream, who make that defining choice, and act to make it a reality – are more in control of their own lives, and will grow to reap the rewards. It may not be a business choice, but something as simple and everyday as taking 100% responsibility for our relationships in life, without expecting anything in return. Think about it… this is truly liberating.

Well known celebrities invariably make choices that determine their success. To quote Mike Zimmerman in ” Success ” Magazine (March 2010, p.1) “Sir Anthony Hopkins says he has achieved his dreams, and the key was choice – whether he’s choosing a new acting role that pushes him to grow or simply choosing to be happy. For anyone, he says, choice makes the difference between success and failure.”

Why let the uncertainties of our times; whether they be job loss, credit card debt, family finances, stock market losses, disappointment, failed expectations or businesses determine our lot? We have the power to turn around. We, and only we, can focus forward, out of our current situations with all the challenges and dilemmas we face.

Like a sailboat on the water, don’t let the gusts of life blow you over! In reality, like a sailor on the water, it is up to us to check those sails, to make the right choice to harness those winds of change, and create the future that we desire.



About Anne Dix

Virtual Admin Assistant and Independent Scentsy Consultant... love my family, friends, travel, health, wildlife conservation, africa, online writing, gardening & pets!
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