Sometimes a Little Slice of Heaven is in Your Own Backyard!

I have driven past the Serpentine Fen Bird Wildlife sanctuary countless times over the last few years – up King George Highway on the way to Surrey, not far from South Surrey and the Nursery where we go and collect plants, soil and stones each year, just 5 mins from home!

Every time I thought to myself, as I drove past the water – rippling under the gentle nudging gusts coming in from the sea not far away – bordered by irregular islands of tufted grass, trees barelimbed reaching for the sky in winter or shimmering green in summer – everytime I thought “I have to stop there on my way home, those birds are so close to the highway, but it looks like another world and worth exploring, especially considering I love wildlife”.

Well, it’s NEVER too late to take that first bold step – and only after listening to Darren Hardy with a particularly moving bio on Jim Rohn, did I ACT on the good advise to “Never put off to tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!”  So, I made a choice and acted on it. At last, I stopped – despite the heavy traffic, I slowed down pulled over to the right and tires pushing up dust and stones, pulled alongside a few other vehicles… on the edge of the sanctuary.

When I stepped out of the car, I was exhilerated and more determined than ever to take what I learn and put it into action!  As I walked along the grassy, soft paths alongside the waterways, I marvelled at the wild bird life, the ducks, the skies, the trees, the fresh air, the solitude so close to the highway and the expressions of those with their dogs, smiling as they walked by…

Sometimes, the gems we seek are not far off – waiting to be discovered, in our own back-yard. Hope you enjoy the photos I took here that day ~ and a Special thanks to those who manage this Sanctuary –

The benefits reach far beyond the feathered community!

About Anne Dix

Virtual Admin Assistant and Independent Scentsy Consultant... love my family, friends, travel, health, wildlife conservation, africa, online writing, gardening & pets!
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